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Mont Habitant, a family resort since 1959

A Small Slice of History

First and Foremost, Mont Habitant is a resort that focuses 100% on the best skiing experience for the whole family. From accessible and safe trails as well as a super welcoming team, everything is in place so you can pass on the sheer pleasure of slithering the trails to the next generation of athletes.


Few are those who were able to create a legend and become one themselves during their lifetime! In 1957, while living in the old house of the Pagé farm in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, Mr. Marvin 'Mickey' Stein realized that the mountain in front of his house had all the makings of a skiers' paradise.

Mr. Stein travelled the mountain with his partners, Mr. Stephen and Stanley Vineberg. Mickey had decided, and everyone agreed, that the mountain offered very interesting opportunities. Mr. Sel Hannah, an engineer and famous ski resort designer, was entrusted with the task of preparing the development of the mountain.


The Mont Habitant ski resort officially opened its doors in the winter of 1958-1959, that was 60 years ago.


Mrs. Joan Goodwin Wilson Stein became the Snow School principal in 1960, she was in fact the first woman to do so in Canada. Joan created the 12-weekend program which encouraged families to practice skiing. Ever since, Mont Habitant’s philosophy has remained unchanged. To date, Mont Habitant has introduced thousands of people to skiing and snowboarding.


Mont Habitant was one of the pioneers in offering the possibility of evening skiing on illuminated slopes.


March 23, 1962 - Mont Habitant hosted a giant slalom race Class A & B. The first official night competition of all time.


Mont Habitant was one of the pioneers in integrating an artificial snowmaking system. At that time, Mont Habitant covered an approximate area of 76 acres, of which 55 acres were slopes and trails for skiers.


February 22, 1966, guaranteed a giant night slalom. This was the first time that the Canadian National Team competed in an invitation race as part of the CASA, under evening lighting.

In conclusion

Even though Mont Habitant has grown to become one of Quebec's most famous ski resorts, one thing will never change: the overwhelming joy of skiing in a relaxed atmosphere alongside people who love this sport as much as you do!

Marvin “Mickey” Stein

Founding Member

Born in Montreal in 1927, Marvin "Mickey" Stein was a remarkable skier. He devoted his youth to the Laurentian Ski Patrol activities. In 1959, he was the director and founder of the Mont Habitant ski resort in Saint-Sauveur. He ordered the instalment of the first lighting system on the slopes of the Laurentians. Lastly, he was one of the founding members and one of the directors of the Laurentians ski centers Association. He was enshrined in the Laurentian Ski Museum's Ski Hall of Fame in 1984.