Alpine Touring

It is mandatory to have a valid access right to climb the alpine touring trail, whether you are a day client or a season pass holder. You can obtain a ticket at the Ticket Office or Customer Service.

Alpine touring trail schedule

The trail is open as per the hours of operation of Mont Habitant.

Alpine touring trail

La Cabane (see map of trails)

In case of an emergency

The alpine touring trail is patrolled. For any assistance, please refer to a member of the staff.

Safety rules

  • 1. Check and respect the opening and closing hours of the trail before starting the ascent.
  • 2. Respect the mountain’s code of conduct.
  • 3. Climb only by the designated and marked places. Stay visible and climb in single file. It is forbidden to descend on the alpine touring trail.
  • 4. It is forbidden to access closed trails, or trails that are being snowed or groomed. If you encounter a motorized vehicle (ATV, snow groomer), please stop at the edge of the trail.
  • 5. It is forbidden to go up the ski slopes intended for downhill skiing except when the signalisation authorizes it. (Trail La Cabane – see map of trails)
  • 6. Pets are not allowed in the trails.

Tips while in the mountain

Make sure you are in good physical shape and have the proper equipment. Bring a whistle, food, a change of clothes, a first aid kit and a headlamp.

Climbing alone is not recommended. If this is the case, inform someone close to you about your mountain trip. Carry a charged cell phone with you. Knowledge of first aid is strongly recommended.

Follow this sign to guide you on the trail (see map of trails)

  • Do not leave any waste or traces of your passage. Be respectful of the environment.
  • Fatbike is forbidden
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Snowshoes are not allowed

By using the alpine trail, you acknowledge and agree to respect the safety rules, the mountain code of conduct and other instructions and measures in force at Mont Habitant. In case of default, access may be terminated and confiscated without notice or refund. You also accept the risks inherent to the practice of winter sports (ski touring, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, snowboarding). You assume full responsibility for any material damage or bodily injury resulting from such risks and dangers. Please be vigilant. This is your responsibility!