2023-2024 Season


  • Changing weather conditions;
  • Changes in the degree of inclination of the slope;
  • The presence of natural obstacles and/or obstacles made by the resort or other participants in the activity and the condition of the mountain. Any natural obstacle or condition of the mountain or made by the resort or other participants, such as the presence of pits, crevasses and streams, the presence of rocks, dirt, spaces not covered with snow, the presence of trees, tree regrowth, natural shrubs and stumps, as well as any other natural or made obstacle not listed above, but which may be found in the resort;
  • The presence of ice and ice patches;
  • Any change in the conditions of the skiable surface;
  • Any collision with another skier or any other person;
  • The presence of pylons, poles and other structures used or not used in the operation of the resort, but which may be found in the resort, as well as collision with these elements;
  • The use of ski lifts of any type, whether it be for risks related to boarding or disembarking, stopping during the lift or any other ;
  • The presence on the trails of mobile trail maintenance equipment, emergency vehicles, snowmaking equipment or any other type of mobile equipment necessary for the operation of a resort;
  • The use of snow parks and/or modules of any type that may be found there;
  • The risks associated with avalanches, slides or snow mass movement.

I am aware of the inherent risks associated with snow sports and the possibility of bodily injury, death, damage to my property or any loss resulting therefrom and I accept and assume full responsibility for any damages resulting from the above mentioned inherent risks as well as any other inherent risk not specifically mentioned in this form.

I acknowledge that any dispute relating to this agreement shall be submitted solely to the courts of the province of Quebec which shall have exclusive jurisdiction.