2024-2025 Season


Please read the following text carefully. It describes the rules applicable to your season pass and commits you and the persons for whom you are paying the season pass to respect the terms of use, written below.

Refund policy

For a refund before the opening date of the ski season, there will be an administration fee of $40 plus taxes for each refunded season pass. Once the season begins, no refunds will be issued for any reason including unused season passes.

Use of season pass

- This season pass is issued in consideration of your commitment to abide by the Mountain Code of Conduct as well as all rules, regulations, instructions and rules of conduct in effect at the Station. In case of default, the ticket may be cancelled and confiscated without notice or refund.

- This season pass remains the property of the Station. It is personal, non-transferable and non-refundable.

- The holder of this pass agrees: (1) to elect domicile in Quebec, which will be the forum for any claim and (2) that the laws of Quebec will apply.

- Under no circumstances can the season pass be transferred to the next season, whether it has been used or not.

- The season pass cannot be lent, rented, sold or reproduced. Once the season begins, no refunds will be issued.

Any contravention of these rules will result in the immediate revocation of the membership, without reimbursement or compensation of any kind, for a period of time that may vary according to the seriousness of the infraction, its dangerousness and its repetitive nature, up to and including revocation for the entire season, and may also result in legal proceedings and the lifetime exclusion of the pass holder.

Night skiing

The last day for night skiing is March 16, 2025.

Forgotten or lost season pass

- In case of loss, theft and all other cases concerning your season pass, please notify Customer Service immediately. An administration fee of $40 plus taxes will be applicable and without conditions.

- Family Passes: For the family passes, the holder hereby agrees to inform all family members of the terms and conditions of this season pass and of the obligations incumbent upon the members.

Acceptance of Risk

- I hereby certify, understand and acknowledge that participation in the activities that I and the persons for whom I am paying the pass will practice using our Station season passes, including but not limited to skiing on marked trails and participation in activities organized or authorized by the Station, includes certain serious inherent risks and hazards, which include, but are not limited to, speed, cold weather, risk of injury, hypothermia, collision, breakdown, fall and impact with natural elements, objects and people, whether mobile or not, and I am aware that many of these risks and hazards may not be reported (the "Risks"). I am familiar with, and understand the Risks described above, and those generally associated with snow sports, and I acknowledge that the Station cannot identify all obstacles or guarantee the condition of the slopes. Finally, I acknowledge and affirm that I know how to ski, or if not, I agree to take lessons, and that I am aware that snow sports are high risk. In consideration of my membership, and that of the person for whom I pay the membership, and of our participation in the activities mentioned above, I agree to assume these Risks which may cause any bodily injury, moral injury, death and/or damage to property.

- The participant acknowledges and accepts the risks inherent to snow sports and assumes full responsibility for any material or bodily damage resulting from said risks or dangers. For a safe and enriching experience, you must respect the Mountain Code of Conduct at all times and be courteous to others. You must respect all other rules and signs posted or otherwise indicated by the Station.

- The Station is not responsible for weather conditions and cannot guarantee the dates of operation or the number of days it will be in operation.

Snow sports

- The Code of Conduct is available at all times at monthabitant.com/code-de-conduite, and is posted at various locations throughout the Station.

- Be vigilant and respect the Code. It's your responsibility!


Please respect the sanitary measures in effect.

I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions referred to in this Agreement.