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The Mountain

A mountain, the best conditions in the Lower Laurentians

The Experience

Snow School

Personalized coaching for beginners or to improve your skills

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Duo for all*

  • $46 for 2 ski tickets
  • valid day or evening
  • * Valid for a visit from Monday to Friday
  • * Purchase only available on site


Monday Spaghetti

  • Una's famous spaghetti at $6.95

Wednesday to Friday

Rental at $20

  • For a complete ski or snowboard equipment
  • Not valid from March 4 to March 8 inclusive
  • * Purchase only available on site
  • From 3pm


Friday night

  • Pizza or smoked meat + 1 beer for $14.13
  • From 5pm at Le Trappeur resto-bar


Saturday night

  • 1 ticket at $19.99
  • Valid online only
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Saturday at $38

  • Includes an evening ticket
  • Full equipment rental
  • A spaghetti meal.
  • * Purchase only available on site
  • From 3pm


Sunday evening at $15

  • $15 ticket
  • Equipment rental at $15
  • * Purchase only available on site
  • From 3pm

Wednesday evening

Free cheese fondue

  • With the purchase of a consumption
  • From 9pm at resto-bar Le Trappeur

Mont Habitant

A mountain

First and Foremost, Mont Habitant is a Resort that focuses 100% on the best skiing experience for families.From accessible and safe trails as well as a super welcoming team, everything is in place for you to pass onto the next generation the sheer pleasure of slithering the trails.

Laurentian’s ultimate family destination

A mountain with trails to learn and others to excel. An absolutely awesome snow school. A chalet near the slopes to admire the prowess of your champions. That's why so many families choose Mont Habitant!

The best skiing conditions in the Saint-Sauveur Valley

A team of trail experts with one single priority: Mont Habitant’s trail. It's our only mountain and we take good care of it! Our mission is to ensure a sliding experience that is quite simply, perfect. Come experience it!

The ambiance at Mont Habitant: we have fun here!

From the trails and to the Resto Bar Le Trappeur, have fun with the whole family in a lively and festive atmosphere. It’s maybe not the biggest mountain, but it’s definitely the coolest!

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Mont Habitant Partners

We are proud to partner with companies that share our family values and participate in special activities on the ski resort.