Accumulation of snow
Last 24 hours


5 cm

Last 48 hours 5 cm
groomed powder
Bonbon trail (magic carpet) CLOSED

CLOSED night




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Snow School

Terms and conditions


Age Reference

The date for age reference for all categories is December 15th, 2018.

Access to the mountain

Programmes 10 week-ends

La passe élève et la passe parent sont valides à partir du samedi ou dimanche, le 6 ou 7 janvier 2018, jusqu’à deux fins de semaines suivant la fin des programmes. Les passes sont non-transférables.

Programmes 7 week-ends

La passe élève est valide à partir du samedi ou dimanche, le 13 ou 14 janvier 2018. Les passes sont non-transférables.

La passe parent est valide à partir du samedi ou dimanche, le 6 ou 7 janvier 2018. Les passes sont non-transférables.


Pass Pick - Up

Student passes and parent passes can be picked up starting the weekend of October 6th.

Postponing a lesson

Weather- Parents are responsible for contacting the snow school to verify if a lesson is cancelled on account of the weather or to consult our website at, The cancelled lesson will be posponed to end of the season and no credit or reimbursement will be made.

Program cancellation

A program can be cancelled due to insufficient amount of students.

No refunds

An administration fee of 10 % of the amount paid will be applied for cancellation of the program before the starting date. No refund, credit, or re-do will be granted for a missed lesson. No request for a program refund will be accepted once the programs have started. In the event of an injury, the hours of lessons remaining will be transferred to the following year. A charge of 40 $ administration fee will be applied. This fee applies even when a doctor’s note is provided. A doctor’s note must be provided within 15 days following the injury or the credit will not be issued.