Beginners Guide

guide du débutant

By dressing properly, you are able to stay comfortable in all types of weather.  In winter weather, your clothes have 3 important tasks : 

  •  keep you warm
  •  keep you dry                    
  • block the wind 

Here are some suggestions to make you day at Mont Habitant, a fun and comfortable one.

  • Dress in layers.  A number of lighter layers allow you to adjust your clothing as the temperature changes.  Multiple thinner layers will be much more comfortable than a huge jacket.
  • Wear a base layer of long underwear or tights.  Choose synthetics or wool that wick moisture away from you and trap heat over cotton which has no insulating properties.
  • Next, you can wear a warm collared shirt, turtleneck, sweater of fleece.
  • Snow or ski pants are the best, but if you don’t have them in your closet, water and wind resistant pants can do the job. Be sure your pants are wide enough at the bottom of the legs to fit over your large ski or snow boots.
  • A wind and water resistant jacket or shell with a high collar is ideal.
  • One pair of synthetic or wool socks is best.  Too many socks will cut off your circulation and make your feet colder and cotton will get wet quickly from perspiration.
  • To protect your eyes, wear sunglasses or googles with 100% UVA and UVB. 
  • Don’t forget a good pair of water resistant gloves or mittens.  You have more freedom of movement with gloves, but mittens are warmer.  Once again, avoid cotton which gets wet to easily.
  • A helmet, available at rental if you don’t have one.

What do I do at the rental shop ? 

  • You will have to complete your rental form.
  • Have your ID checked. For younger skiers and riders, a parent or guardian ID is great.
  • Pick up your ski or snowboard boots.
  • Change into the clothes that you will ski or snowboard in.
  • Have your skis or snowboard adjusted just for you. 

Putting your boots on : 

  • Insert your foot.
  • Make sure your heel is as far back as possible.
  • Lace and/or buckle the boots. 

How to put your skis on : 

  • The contraptions on top of your skis are called bindings.  They hold the skis on your feet most of the time, but they also let your skis come off when needed.  First, insert the toe of your boot under the overhang on the front binding.  Then, line up your heel with the back binding.  Finally, press your heel down firmly until it clicks.

To release your binding, press down on the lever in the back with your ski pole and lift your heel. 

How to put your snowboard on : 

  • Unlike ski bindings, snowboard bindings do not release unless you release them.  First, unclip both straps and lift up the plastic back piece.  Then, step down onto the binding.  Secure both straps using the ratchet system and clip your retaining leash to your boot laces. 

To release your binding, there are quick release levers on each of the straps.  Simply pull up and the strap will slide out.

Beginners Program

For beginners only 7 years old and over.

1 hour group lesson, lift ticket and equipment for the day.


Taxes not included.

  • Schedule: Weekly at 1:00 pm, weekends and holidays at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm.
  •  Form your group of minimum 3 people and choose your time of lesson.
  • Helmet mandatory. 

Private Lessons

Realize you skiing and snowboarding objectives with a personalized attention.

  • Lift ticket is valid during the lesson 
  1 hour Booklet of 5 hours
Private lesson 48.70$  227.00$
Semi Private lesson 68.70$ 297.45$
Lesson for 3 people 88.70$  355.00$
Additional person 20.00 $ —-
Private Lesson ( Equipment and full day lift ticket ) 73.93 $   
Semi Private Lesson ( Equipment and full day lift ticket )  147.86 $  

Taxes not included 

  • Reservation recommended for all lessons.
  • Priority at lift lines.
  • If renting equipment, you must show up one hour in advance.
  • For all reservations, full payment is required.

Cancellation policy :

You are responsible for postponing your lesson by calling at the snow school before 7:00 am on the morning of your snow school lesson at 450-227-2637, ext. 342.  If you don’t, you will loose your lesson. 

Lessons are not transferable and cannot be postponed to the next year.

What will my lesson be like ? 

You have the right clothes, the right package and your equipment, now let the fun begin !  In your lesson, you will learn all the basic skills that you need to know before you face the slopes by yourself. 

First, we will teach you how to put your skis or snowboard and how to move around on the flat.  You will therefore get to know your equipment and get the feel for sliding around.  You will also learn how to climb up the hill and turn yourself around while standing still.  

Next, we will teach you how to slide straight down the hill.  It will probably take a few runs down the hill before you feel natural doing so. 

You will also be introduced to the magic carpet lift.  This is the easiest way up the mountain.  You simply stand on the carpet and it will move you slowly a short distance up the hill. 

Once you have mastered «straight runs», we will teach you how to turn your skis.  Turning offers two benefits, it allows you to avoid things you don’t wish to meet up close and it allows you to stop whenever you want – both commendable goals.  Once you master all those things, it is time for your first chairlift ride. 

Your first chairlift ride : 

It is just like sitting on a porch swing, you slide out onto the loading area, the chair will come up behind you and when the chair touches the back of your legs, simply sit down and enjoy the ride ! You must pull down the safety bar in front of you.  At the top of the lift, you will see signs instructing you to raise the safety bar and prepare to unload.  The snow will gradually come up to meet your skis.  When you get to the «unload sign», just stand up, lean slightly forward and slide straight down the ramp.  Your instructor will tell you where to meet and what to do next. 

Now that your lesson is over ! 

You get to enjoy the rest of the day on the slopes.  You still may feel a bit shaky at times, but by the end of your first day, your confidence will have grown and you’ll be sliding down the slopes like a pro.

 Take the time to read the Mountain Code of Conduct. It is always wise to remember your responsibilities and safety procedures.

12, chemin des Skieurs, Saint-Sauveur
(Quebec) J0R 1R2

Montreal and local: 450.227.2637
Toll free: 1.866.887.2637

How to get to Mont Habitant 

From Montreal 

On the 15 North, take exit 60 (St-Sauveur/Morin-Heights). Turn left on Robert Street.  Take the first right –Jean Adam Road and continue for 1.6 km.  Turn left on rue Principale and drive 1.3 km.  Finally, turn left on chemin des Skieurs. 

From Mont-Laurier 

Take the 117 South which will become the 15 South in Ste-Agathe.  Continue on the Highway to exit 60 (St-Sauveur/Morin-Heights).  Turn right on Chemin du Lac Millette.  Turn left on rue Principale and turn left on Chemin des Skieurs. 

From Quebec city 

Highway 40 West.  Take Highway 640 West to the exit Laurentian Autoroute 15 North.  Take exit 60 (St-Sauveur/Morin-Heights).  Turn left onRobert Street.  Take the first right –Jean Adam Road and continue for 1.6 km.  Turn left on rue Principale and drive 1.3 km and finally turn on Chemin des Skieurs. 

From Ottawa 

417 East toVankleek Hill/Hawkesbury Hwy148 East to Lachute.  In Lachute, take Highway 50 East (Mirabel).  At Mirabel, take 15 North.  Exit at 60 (St-Sauveur/Morin-Heights).  Turn left on Robert Street.  Take the first right –Jean Adam Road and continue for 1.6 km.  Turn left on rue Principale and drive 1.3 kmand finally turn left on Chemin des Skieurs. 

Where do I go once on the site ? 

Mont Habitant’s parking is free.  Once parked, head to the main lodge. 

On the ground floor you will find : 

  • The cafeteria
  • The bar 

And on the floor below you will find : 

  • The rental shop
  • The Snow school counter
  • The customer service counter
  • Lockers
  • Bathrooms
  • The snack bar
  • The counter to purchase your tickets

Contact our Customer Service  or scroll down for more information concerning our opening hours and rates at the beginning and end of the season:

Days Opening Evenings Opening Closing
Monday to Friday

9 am to 5 pm

Sunday to Thursday  3:00PM 10:00PM 

8:30 am to 5 pm

Friday and Saturday 3:00PM 10:30PM 

8:30 am to 5 pm

 Sunday  3:00 PM  10:00 PM

Christmas holiday

Days Opening Evenings Opening Closing

8:30 am

Everyday 3:00 pm 10:30 pm
December 24th

8:30 am

December 24th CLOSED CLOSED

School break

to be announced

*Hours and Rates are subject to change without notice. No Refund. Some conditions may apply.